Missouri Aiming To Shoot Down All Federal Gun Laws

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After the recent surge in gun grabbing activity, Missouri is giving it their best to make sure they don’t fall victim to gradual disarmament.  Claiming they must do something to ensure the legacy of the Second Amendment, a new bill is being discussed that will nullify any and all, current or future federal gun control policies.

The bill outlines that if anyone is caught trying to enforce these federal laws, they would be subject to a $1,000 fine as well as up to a year behind bars.

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What the law really takes aim at?–the attempted breach in doctor patient confidentiality that Obama and his gun grabbing goons are trying to rip their way into.   Law makers want to make it illegal for doctors to even ask if patients own or have access to a gun, but this isn’t sitting too well with physicians.

Sen. Rob Schaaf explained, “No matter what it is, I should be able to document it. I don’t want to think if I’m stepping afoul of some esoteric law.”  Of course the bill’s creator explained that he would be open to changing the language of the text to meet the doctor’s concerns.

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The bill also addresses where guns are allowed—and under this bill, they’re allowed anywhere.  The bill firstly wants to put more guns in the hands of the public by lowering the age limit for gun owners from 21 to 19.  On top of that, anywhere a person can go, they hope to allow their guns to come with them—“even in municipalities with ordinances banning open carry.”

It even goes so far to suggest that designated school officials be allowed to carry a concealed weapon on school grounds in effort to protect children in, for instance, another Sandy Hook tragedy.

Bills like this aren’t the first of its kind–many have come before them, and unfortunately been struck down.  As federal law usually reigns superior to state law, bills must be worded extremely precisely in order for them to prevail.

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In fact this exact bill was struck down just last year—the bill’s creator has been working on it ever since to get the language in a way that the state will pass it.  The state’s panel is scheduled to have another public speaking session regarding the bill next week.

What do you think—should states have the right to protect themselves from the government when it comes to gun control? Let us know in a comment below!

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