Five Muslim Iraqi Immigrants Gang Rape Elderly American Woman

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A gang of five Muslim men are behind bars today after they brutally raped an elderly woman.  Despite the woman’s massive injuries, she’s claiming she doesn’t remember a thing.

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The group of five men, reportedly from Iraq, were here in America legally where they were fighting outside of an apartment complex.  An elderly woman on her way to the mailbox noticed the men quarreling when she went over to help resolve the issue.


After successfully helping to ease the situation, the men invited the woman inside to share their gratitude.  Once inside, she was offered a glass of what she thought was lemonade, and after that, doesn’t remember a thing.

Police found the woman later in the apartment where she was reported to be lying in a puddle of her own blood.  On top of this, her body bore significant injuries consistent with blunt force trauma.

After then men had drugged her beyond control of her body and mind, they found the need to ruthlessly beat her to oblivion and desecrate her body.

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The men were reported to have raped the woman so savagely she was left with brutal injuries seldom seen.

So much for the religion of peace.

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