Muslim Man Cuts Girlfriends Throat, Sets Her Ablaze

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In what can only be described as a gruesome crime, Farshad “Shawn” Badakhshan,30, stabbed his girlfriend, cut her throat ear to ear, then set her ablaze. He’s now on trial for first degree murder in Toronto, where the incident occurred.

According to the prosecutor, Badakhshan trapped his girlfriend Carina Petrache, 23, in the basement of the building they both lived in by setting fires in various places. Once she was down there he stabbed her in the abdomen, then cut her throat and set her on fire, catching himself on fire as well.

Carina Petrache

The bloodied Petrache climbed up the stairs and was spotted by a neighbor before collapsing in the kitchen, weakened from her injuries and still on fire. The neighbor yelled for help and called an ambulance which arrived a short time later. Petrache died from her injuries on the way to the hospital, but prior to her death was able to give a cryptic message to the paramedics who asked her if someone intentionally did this to her and she nodded her head “affirmative”.

Their relationship was described as “tumultuous” by the prosecutor, who also stated that her friends often urged her to end it because of his behavior. He was the jealous type and objected to her socializing with others or without him present, often exhibiting controlling behaviors. A friend stated that when they would talk on the phone there would be times where she would quickly hang up, saying he wouldn’t allow her to talk.

Badakhshan has pleaded not guilty to the charge of first degree murder, claiming he was mentally unstable at the time, however prosecutors are making the case for premeditation since he disable the smoke detectors in the home and had a plan to get her into the basement.

He lost a leg and was badly disfigured during the incident, losing most of his ears and the top of his scalp from burns.

Friends of Petrache described her as shy but caring, saying that “She wasn’t a social butterfly, but those who were her friends were very lucky.”

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