[VIDEO] Tim Scott DESTROYS NAACP Pres After He Calls Him ‘Ventriloquist Dummy’

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Rep. Tim Scott (D- SC) had quite a bit to say to the president of the North Carolina Chapter of the NAACP after he gave a speech berating Scott for his conservative values.

The statement from Rev. William Barber II came during a speech he was giving at the Zion Baptist Church in Columbia, S.C. He said that “any ventriloquist can find a dummy,” then went on to say Scott is merely a pawn for the extreme right Tea Party of SC. He added that “they found a black guy to be Senator, then act like he’s the first one since the reconstruction era then he goes to Washington and articulates the agenda of the Tea Party.” He also spoke of social issues and the need for blacks to follow the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr, criticizing those who don’t. When asked about the speech by Fox News, Barber said that he believes MLK expressed tolerance and love rather than extremism.

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Scott fired back at Barber, appearing on The Kelly File 2 days after the speech and shredding the beliefs of the left as well as Mr. Barber, saying “What we’re hearing is baseless rhetoric about the same old things that have not worked so far,” to which I would have to agree. He went on to say that “We’ve had a 50-year war led by the government on poverty, and it hasn’t taken people out.”

“What we should be preaching … is the fact that in this country, conservatives, free market capitalism, produces greater success than the government can ever do,” said Scott.

I agree Mr. Scott, the very programs that have been enacted to ‘help’ the poor have become nothing more than handouts for some, enabling their poor behavior and creating an entire class of dependents while the taxpayers foot the bill, too bad people like Mr. Barber will never understand that.

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