WHOOPS: Liberal Activists Glue Themselves To Wrong Gas Station Pumps During Protest

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When it comes to fracking, there is no shortage of arguments to why it is or isn’t a good thing.  An anti-fracking group recently took to a demonstration as a form of protest against a company that just donated millions to the cause.  Imagine they’re embarrassment when they found out that they glued and chained themselves to the wrong gas station’s pumps and were stuck there for four hours.

The French firm, and chain gas station, Total, recently announced that they would be donating a whopping 12.7 million pounds to the fracking effort in the UK.  In doing so, activists—of an organization named Frack Free Greater Manchester–called for the launch of protests at any and all Total gas stations.

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The result was a single group of four people gluing and locking themselves to gas pumps at a gas station just outside of Manchester.  The protesters successfully shut down the gas station for four hours and cost the owner thousands in revenue.

Owner of the gas station, Reezwan Patel, claims, “With the loss of custom(ers) and the damage to the pumps, it could be a couple of thousand pounds we have lost.”


Patel then dropped a bombshell—the protesters weren’t even at a Total gas station.  Although the gas station had the appearance of Total, they were actually owned by Certas Energy and just hadn’t gotten around to changing the signs yet.

Another group was peacefully protesting off the property of the gas stations but informed reporters, “I have to stress that these people have nothing to do with our protest.”  Alan Johnson, chairman of the Bolton Green Party, continued by explaining, “We were there to protest peacefully and warn people about the dangers of fracking and these people have put themselves and others in danger with what they did.”

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Although the four nitwits were eventually arrested and charged with, “criminal damage and criminal trespass,” Frack Free Greater Manchester was giving the protesters a big thumbs up.  Sophie Baxter, a member of Frack Free Greater Manchester, expressed her approval despite the mix up by saying, “Every company that is going to invest in fracking needs to expect these kind of actions. We were very proud of the guys who did this today and were cheering when he heard about it.”

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