Pentagon Militarizes Utah Police Departments

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Over the past 5 years something disturbing has been happening across Utah that should make the hairs on the back of your collective necks stand up. The Pentagon has been sending surplus military equipment to police departments around the state. Why? Well nobody is quite sure, however it leaves the door open to speculation.

Since 2009 they have received over 2,400 pieces of equipment valued at more than $3 million. On the list of equipment includes M-14’s, M-16’s, grenade launchers, and perhaps the oddest of it all is the MRAP vehicles(mine resistant, ambush protected), why would a police department need such equipment?


Some of the sheriffs departments across the states claimed it to be for riots, saying it’s good to be prepared for the worst case scenarios.

They claim that the MRAP’s and the grenade launchers will only be used for “worst case scenarios”, and they’ll only fire “non-lethal” rounds from the grenade launchers, which are common for riot response.

However one can’t help but wonder why the Pentagon is purposefully equipping them with military gear.

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We all know the economy has been on the decline since 2008 when the housing market collapsed due to moronic policies in Washington causing a domino effect and pushing us to the brink of total economic collapse. In response the Federal Reserve has been printing money off like crazy and pumping it into our fragile economy in attempt to keep it on life support until our productive base picks up.

The problem is that due to federal regulations our manufacturing jobs are being outsourced overseas for a fraction of the cost of compliance here and the entire nation has become reliant on imports to satisfy our needs. Well that’s great as long as the world continues to accept the dollar as the standard for the rest of the world’s currency, but what happens when the dollar becomes so weak that it gets abandoned?


You guessed it, our economy collapses beyond the point of recovery and there will be widespread panic if it does. It’s more than obvious that our political leaders know this is inevitable and are doing what they can to prepare for it and keep the peace when it happens to avoid widespread rioting, looting, and even murder. That’s why you’re seeing the militarization of police forces nationwide and FEMA preparing for a disaster of epic proportions.

Unless the politicians in Washington smarten up and start making some tough decisions when it comes to monetary policy and cutting back on spending, we’ll see that collapse and it won’t be pretty.

When you see the government preparing for a disaster like this, it’s best you start as well so that when it comes you’re not stuck with nothing and nowhere to go.

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