[WATCH VIDEO] Crack Smoking Toronto Mayor Caught On Tape Drunk, Speaking Jamaican

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Rob Ford, the Toronto Mayor who recently admitted to smoking crack is at it again, only this time he’s drunk.

In the video that lasts just over a minute, we see the mayor at a fast food restaurant belligerently drunk and trying to speak with a Jamaican accent to a group of teens, who also happen to be filming him.


“I was with some friends and what I do in my personal life and (with) my personal friends, that’s up to me. This really has nothing to do with, has nothing to do with you guys,” Ford told the Toronto Star. “It’s my own time. It’s my own time,” he added.

If you remember, back in November Ford came under fire when he was about to file for reelection for smoking crack. He admitted to it, then made a promise to voters that he would give up both crack and booze. It would appear as if he’s failed to do so, however.

There’s speculation as to whether or not the video was taken when it was claimed to have been taken due to the clothing the mayor was wearing, however he was spotted earlier in the day wearing a similar suit at a city council meeting.

When asked about his language in the video, which plays back several obscenities, the embattled mayor said “If I speak that way, that’s how I speak with some of my friends. Okay?” Then added “And no I don’t think it’s discriminative at all.”

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