Glenn Beck: I Played A Role In Tearing The Country Apart

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During a segment on The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly took some time out to talk about a more humble admission Glenn Beck made regarding his time with Fox News.  Glenn stated that when he worked on the news station, he thinks he may have helped, “tear the country apart.”

Since that time with Fox, Beck has started his own media outlet called The Blaze and has become one of the most listened to conservatives on the air.  Now, as most people do with experience, Beck has matured to a point where he says, “I wish I could go back.”

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During an interview with Kelly, Beck stated that the only regret he had working with Fox was the use of his language.  He claims that, “I think I played a role, unfortunately, in helping tear the country apart.”

Beck goes on to mention that during his days with Fox, “I didn’t realize how really fragile the people were. I thought we were kind of a little more in it together.”  He continued to say, “And now I look back and I realize if we could have talked about the uniting principles a little more, instead of just the problems, I think I would look back on it a little more fondly.”

There is an unignorable gap in beliefs between Republicans and Democrats, but that has always been there.  From day one, if you want to ignore an argument amongst friends, do not bring up politics. Beck however feels that he has contributed to the mindset that is dividing the nation over the years and wishes that he would have been, “more uniting in my language.”

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Although he did not create the issue, is there a small chance that he contributed to it?

What do you think—are these the humble regrets of a good man or is he taking too much credit? Let us know in a comment below!

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