5 Best and 5 Worst Job Markets In America

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Different areas of the nation dealt with the economic downturn better than others. Here we’ll take a look at the 5 best and the 5 worst places for jobs since the whole nation took a hit.


1. Washington, DC

The home of the Federal Government and hundreds of politicians from across the nation, Washington DC hasn’t had any issues with the struggling economy. With the government relying on less contractors and keeping more projects in house, DC has more than stayed afloat with keeping its people employed and that’s why it comes in number 1 on our list.


2. Boston, Ma

Having one of the most well known universities in America, plus a booming tech and financial industry, Boston has done really well throughout the declining economy, making it the second best city for jobs.


3. Austin, Tx

With a great number of assets to make the job market boom, Austin weathered the downturn rather well and kept its citizens happy and employed throughout. From music to the University of Texas and a booming Tech industry, Austins blooming economy has kept it above the rest.


4. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Mn

The Twin Cities are home to Mall of America, a major tourist destination and has been expanding over the years. On top of the influx of tourists annually, the manufacturing and professional markets have also kept it afloat.


5. Oklahoma City, Okla

Not suffering as bad from the economic downturn as other cities, Oklahoma City has thrived on leisure and retail jobs along with professional services and a steady market for energy and government jobs. Unemployment is at 6.2% and there’s 2.7 job seekers per job opening.

job-oklahoma city


1. Las Vegas, NV

After getting hit hard by the housing bust and decline in the construction boom, Las Vegas saw soaring unemployment and a high ratio of job seekers to job openings. Things have improved, but unemployment is expected to remain high for a little while until we see a better recovery.

job-las vegas

2. Riverside, Ca

Riverside was hit hard by the weakened economy and it’s not predicted to get better any time soon. Unemployment will more than likely remain high due to the hit the area took from the housing bust.


3. Miami, Fl

Brought to its knees by the housing market crash, Miami is in a rough position. Its predicted that the only job recovery they’ll see is low paying, service industry jobs.


4. Detroit, Mi

Detroit is no stranger to economic troubles and in recent years has seen much more. The auto industry going under really gave the area a hit that will be hard to recover from so don’t look for employment rates to raise there any time soon.


5, Sacramento, Ca

State budget problems, government worker furloughs, and pay cuts have beaten Sacramento’s job market into the ground. A sharp decline in construction hasn’t helped either and will more than likely keep unemployment high for some time.

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