LISTEN: TSA Calls And Threatens To “Flag” Man’s Name Over Parody Video

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In what appears to be an overreach of authority, the TSA recently took to making a personal phone call in order to threaten a YouTube user.  The man had posted a parody rap video where he sang about the inappropriate TSA groping that air travelers have had to deal with.  As a response, the TSA threatened that the man’s name would be “flagged” for the next time he came to the airport.

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Telly Blackwood recently submitted a post to Infowars “We Will Resist TSA & NSA Tyranny” 10K Film Contest—what happened next he couldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams.

Take a peek below at Blackwood’s video:

He claims that the TSA agent reached out to him the day prior to the recorded phone call, but he asked the man to call back later as he had bad cell service in the mountains.  Thinking ahead, Blackwood downloaded a program onto his phone that allowed him to record his phone conversation.

And good thing he did.

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Blackwood explained that the man started off wondering why he would create such a video.  He swiftly responded that he has been doing parody videos for quite some time but has taken a particular interest in the recent inappropriate—and almost worthless—groping of the TSA.

The TSA agent, obviously irritated with the video, asks Blackwood why then, he would portray hardworking TSA agents as Nazi’s and Adolf Hitler. Blackwood countered that he has the First Amendment right to say whatever he would like and that the TSA is beginning to act in a dictatorial state.   He explains that because TSA agents don’t care for constitutional rights, and they unwarrantedly grope women, the elderly and children, the TSA precisely fits his description.

Trying to express his frustration the TSA caller then asks Blackwood what he would think if these TSA agent’s children were to stumble across his video.  Apparently unaware of the countless videos portraying the TSA in such a way, Blackwood tells the caller that all the children would have to do is search “TSA groping” for hours of entertainment.

The outraged caller then states that the hardworking men and women are doing what they were trained to do—that being searching for terrorists.  Blackwood laughingly asks how many terrorists the TSA groping program has actually caught, but the agent didn’t answer his question.

Infowars ironically reports that in fact, the TSA pat down program isn’t that efficient as in 2012, “the TSA allowed Muslim Brotherhood members, a group declared a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government for terror attacks and close ties to Al Qaeda, to skip pat downs and secondary screening while traveling through the US.”

They continued to report that in all reality, “Sealed court documents published last October revealed the risk of terrorist airline hijackings and bombings to be non existent, no thanks to TSA procedures.”

The caller, at this point, is beyond furious and begins to make threats, and with them, demands.  The TSA agent states, “As federal employees we would like to request you take this video down immediately,” and threatens legal action if he does not comply.  Blackwood though, bullied right back saying that he wouldn’t remove the video and if worst came to worst, he would just take the train.  The caller then blatantly threatened, “if you don’t comply, they’re going to take some serious action I’m telling you. You can say whatever you want but you can consider your name flagged when traveling the airways.”

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Blackwood then made another joke, this time about a TSA cavity probe and the man hung up.  It is unclear if the man was talking about flagging Blackwood’s name on the government’s unconstitutional no fly list, the terror watch list or just making empty threats–either way, it was a sad attempt at intimidation.

What do you think of the TSA’s threats—was it really the actions of the TSA or just a rouge agent? Let us know in a comment below!

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