Smith And Wesson Releases New Revolver Dubbed The “Backpack Cannon”

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At the largest gun show in the country, Smith and Wesson took advantage of the 60,000 gun owning attendees to release the newest addition to their family. The gun they are calling the “Backpack Cannon,” is an extremely large caliber revolver that they claim is, “a great gun for a back-up gun or for hunting.”

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The gun is an astounding .460 caliber pistol that is set to retail at about $1,200.  As most people’s comfortable shooting tops off around .45 caliber guns, you can see that it packs quite a punch.  Of course, there are larger guns, but sporting a short 3’ barrel, Smith and Wesson is boasting this is a good “anywhere” gun.


Officially called the Performance Center Model.460, Smith and Wesson aimed to attract the attention of all gun owners.  They claim that the gun can be used for something as simple as home defense, or as something as often used for everyday carry.


Although such a large caliber is usually only seen at the range, Smith and Wesson fights that this gun is suitable for any time–some hunters are beginning to lean toward the ease of carrying a pistol when it comes to hunting.  And although you can’t beat the accuracy of a rifle, it does get heavy when you’ve been marching through the woods all day.


It boasts of its large caliber round being able to take on the most savage beasts in case the hunter’s primary weapon fails. jokingly adds, “there is still a place for weapons like this especially if you like camping where the critters are big enough to eat you.”

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So what do you think—sweet piece or gross overkill? Let us know in a comment below!

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