Justin Beiber BUSTED With Cookie Jars Full Of Weed

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As we reported last week, Justin Bieber’s house was searched by police after the star egged his neighbor’s home.  Searching for proof regarding the egging, Police happened to stumble across one of the more illegal habits of Justin Bieber.

Apparently while they were searching for any video or text message proof that could have contributed to the evidence against Bieber, they stumbled across some marijuana.  Not just some—two cookie jars full, at least.

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The cookie jars were right out in the open for all to see when police came through the door.  After one officer stumbled across the weed, they began a more detailed search for any more of the contraband.

Bieber was reported to have bongs strewn about his house–one was reported in the TV room and two more in the kitchen.  Apparently police found a room dedicated to the star’s illegal activities.  In the room, were even more of the drugs, marijuana paraphernalia, and even a hookah pipe.

Police reportedly discovered the room as current Bieber visitors were flushing some of the illegal drugs down the toilet.

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Along with the drugs, police also reported to have found 4 or 5 empty codeine bottles.

Even though they went there just to confiscate Bieber’s phone, they came back with quite a score.  What do you think—could this be the reason for Bieber’s recent sporadic behavior? Let us know in a comment below!

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