Pro-Abortion Senator Lying About Lying, Says Opponent Leaked Her Story

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As you could imagine, when people learned about Wendy Davis stretching the truth—a.k.a. lying—she began to quickly plummet in the polls as she competes for Governor.  Apparently she thinks that her best solution to remedying the situation is to lie about lying.  She claims—despite the story’s author denying this—that her story being leaked, was a direct result of political sabotage from her opponent.

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Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis has been exposed as a liar after she has been telling the public that she was a single teen mom.  Despite the fact that she would love for you to think that she had it extremely hard, living along in her trailer with a child during the end of her teenage years, it turns out, this isn’t true—at all.

Wendy Davis was actually married until the age of 21.  She conveniently divorced her husband the day after he made the last of her tuition payments for her law degree.

Now that the truth is out, and she has been exposed for what she is—a fraud—she is fuming.


Davis took to Twitter to share her frustrations, but instead of showing accountability for her actions and apologizing for intentionally deceiving the American public, she is pointing the finger.  She is blaming her opponent in the race for the Governor’s chair, Greg Abbott.

The Senator claims that in an intentional abuse of the truth, Gregg Abbott has stooped to political lows portraying his true nature.  Though despite the fact that she already admitted to lying when she said, “My language should be tighter,” she is now saying the opposite.

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Davis claims, now, that the stories are fiction and that Abbott did something morally wrong.  She also conveys that his actions also disrespect the women of Texas and all around the world that live, or lived, in a similar way to her fictitious teen years.

Now, the reporter that wrote the story, Wayne Slater, has outwardly expressed that this was not the works of anyone in, or related to, the Abbott campaign.  For some reason though, Davis and her groupies are failing to acknowledge this, instead using the incident to further herself politically.


Sorry Ms. Davis, blaming others for your lies is not a way to get votes—taking accountability might be though.

Of course a group that had endorsed Davis, called Annie’s List, is going to bat for her as well saying:

Disputing the details of Wendy Davis’ life is especially offensive to the many Texas women who can relate to her story. In trying to tear down Senator Davis’ campaign and her personal story, Republicans are also tearing down all Texans who have overcome difficult circumstances. It’s clear Greg Abbott doesn’t understand Wendy Davis’ struggles and the struggles of millions of Texans, nor does he want to.

Davis would like you to think that she is actually the victim here of some immoral form of political sabotage, but I think the majority of American’s are seeing through malarkey.

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Is Davis actually convincing people that she was wronged or is she making herself appear like a weaker candidate? Let us know in a comment below!

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