Race Baiter Al Sharpton: Obama Should Play The “Race Card” MORE

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If it wasn’t for racism, people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be out of a job, so when they repetitively cry racism, it’s really quite transparent what is actually going on.  During a segment on MSNBC, Al Sharpton took to saying that Obama should, in fact, be playing the race card more.

Sharpton began by adamantly stating that during his 5 years in office, Obama has been the victim of racism on a massive scale.  He claims that although the people on the right would state otherwise, racism within our country exists and is taking its toll on our nation still.

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He claims that behind closed doors, in the several meetings Obama has had with civil rights groups, Obama has discouraged pushing the race card.  As of lately, Sharpton reveals that the stress of all the racism is really getting to Obama and he has no choice but to confront the blatant force of racism that assaults our Commander-in Chief on a daily basis.

Sharpton states that although the President was reluctant to talk about racism at first, “He has lately I think started saying that. But he has never used race as the fact against him.”

Funny, when he said something along the lines of people not liking him solely based on the color of his skin, I thought he was directly referring to racism.  He then went on with his diluted fantasy saying that it is only civil rights activists such as himself that, “believe race has been a factor.”

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In an extremely revealing statement that shows exactly the kind of nitwit strategy he loves to rely on, he states that Obama hasn’t played the race card enough.  He states that in fact, “I think he wrongly is blamed for using a race card.”  It’s hard to wrongly blame someone when they come right out and cry racism there, Mr. Sharpton.

He then instead coveys, “I think many of us are frustrated he hasn’t brought up race as it relates to him more than he has.”

Sharpton believes Obama should use the race card more!  The fact that Obama is crying racism is embarrassing coming from the man that is supposed to lead our, once strong and honorable, country. And why do we always hear that this racism exists yet no one finds the need to give a solid example? Stop making excuses, take accountability and as Reverend Faulkner stated, “Do your job.”

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