Reverend Slams Obama: You’re Black, So What? Do Your Job!

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Greta Van Susteren recently held a segment on her show On The Record discussing Obama’s recent cries of racism, and his abuse of Martin Luther King Day in order to promote Obamacare.  She brought on Reverend Michel Faulkner who, needless to say, was little sympathetic for our Commander-in-Chief and instead told him to suck it up.

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The interview started out by discussing the Obama administration’s attempt to use Martin Luther King Day in order to promote his abysmal legislation. Faulkner responded that this was not only wrong, but insulting the great memory of a man who set out to do, and did, something astounding.  Taking advantage of something great like what MLK did and perverting it to spread propaganda just goes to show how far this administration is willing to stoop.


Falkner explained:

“I find it insulting because they take bad legislation, and they’re trying to use the memory, the good memory and the wonderful legacy of Martin Luther King, how he achieved what he was able to achieve through the civil rights movement, through his life and legacy and writings and all that he stood for, to cover up the horrible government fiasco known as the Affordable Care Act. It is not affordable and it doesn’t promote health.”

Van Susteren sways the conversation toward Obamacare itself hoping to dig up a devastating little nugget on air, but the Reverend claims that it really hasn’t had an effect on his community.  He does however go on to say that it is a terrible law, that really does quite little, but in all reality, Obama went about healthcare reform all wrong.

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Faulkner continues to explain that as, “health care costs are continuing to skyrocket… we are going to reach a point in time in this country when we are no longer going to be able to afford these sicknesses.” Expounding on the issue he declares that Obamacare, “just simply shifts the payment of the bill to someone else.” He suggests that instead of finding a way for Americans to treat their illness, Obama should have found a way in which we can promote a more healthy society and avoid these sicknesses overall.

Finishing the interview strong, Van Susteren asks the Reverends thoughts when Obama said:

“No doubt some folks who really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president. Now, the flip side of it is, there are some black folks and make some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president.”

In what will most assuredly make all conservatives want to stand up and applaud, Faulkner replied, “So what? Do your job, Mr. President.”  In true memorial to MLK, Faulkner states, “We elected you because the majority of Americans believed that the content of your character was beyond the color of your skin.”

Of course that wouldn’t sit well with Obama because then he would have to let go of the crutch he loves to lean on when his intellect fails.

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Feel free to watch the entire exchange here.

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