NYPD Officers Senselessly Beat Elderly Man For Jaywalking

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An 84-year-old elderly man thought nothing of it when he walked across the road he crossed so many times before.  As it turns out, police were in the area giving tickets to anyone jaywalking, a crime the man just committed.  Approached by police, the man–who only spoke broken English–tried to walk away and was then beaten by the officer as well as several other officers that joined in.

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Kang Wong committed jaywalking as he had done so many times before on the street he lived close to at around 5 p.m. on Sunday.  Unfortunately for him, police officers were in the area looking for pedestrians committing the crime in an effort to reduce the occurrence in the area.


Just hours before the incident, a pedestrian was struck and killed by an ambulance and a sedan after she had jaywalked in effort to get across the street faster.  Along with the woman, two other pedestrians were struck and killed by vehicles in that area within the past few days as well. The police commissioner of the NYPD soon handed down orders to pass out tickets to anyone jaywalking in the area.

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As police officers approached Wong, they escorted him over to a nearby wall to explain what they were doing and wrote him the ticket.  Sadly for Wong, he only speaks broken English—if that—and really didn’t understand what was going on.  He soon tried to leave but when the police officer laid hands on Wong, he pushed back.

This lead to the goon squad coming out, and several other officer’s soon swarmed in to successfully carry out the man’s warranted beating.  Officers ended up throwing Wong against a wall leaving his face bloodied and bruised.


he was then arrested and driven to a nearby hospital, treated for his injuries and taken to the police station .  Once there, reporters talked to Wong’s 41-year-old son who said, “Oh, great! Beating up on an 84-year-old man for jaywalking.”

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Wong was released later that night, but still faces charges of, “jaywalking, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct.”

What do you guys think of the officer’s savage actions in response to the supposed threat on their lives? Let us know in a comment below!

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