Where Does Your State Rank In Terms Of Freedom?


January 21, 2014 7:26am PST

Ever wonder just how many of the freedoms our forefathers set before us you are able to enjoy?  A new site has come out to demonstrate just this.  The site called Freedom in the 50 States sets out to show just where each individual state ranks based off of, “a combination of personal and economic freedoms.”

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Feel free to check out the site here.


The site takes into account both monetary freedoms (i.e. those with a heavier tax burden) and personal freedoms, such as gun control and the ability to find a job.  The top five states considered to be the most free are:

North Dakota

South Dakota


New Hampshire


The site also allows you to break down the map to these individual categories too. If you would like to find, for instance, which state has the loosest gun control, simply scroll over to the gun control tab and up will pop a map showing you exactly where your state lands.


If the map is too vague for you, feel free to click on the “list view” tab and it will give you the exact placement of your state or any you are interested in.

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Let us know what state you’re writing from and give it a shout out in the comments below!


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