You’ll Never Guess What This Police Officer Did When He Saw A Kid Playing Alone!

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A video is going viral after a police officer’s dash cam caught what he did when he saw a boy playing ball alone.  Instead of the usual police brutality videos, this one instead is a cool refreshment of just the opposite.

After seeing a kid playing ball alone on the side of the street, a police officer pulled his cruiser into the boy’s apartment complex.  Once in there, the dash cam video caught a rarely shared, extreme act of kindness on the police officer’s part.

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The Texas police officer took time out of his patrol to get out and play a little ball with the boy.

The dash cam video shows the boy catching the ball and throwing it back to the officer on several occasions.  The officer, trying to make the experience as fun as possible, signaled for the boy to go long, when he launched the ball in his direction.

Apparently, the officer’s actions were on account of a new reach out program.  Officers were instructed to interact more with the population, not as in police form, but caring authorities of the community.  Bonding more is supposed to enact more trust in the local police force.

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After the invention of the internet and video sharing, police officers are starting to get a bad rap.  We know that they’re not all bad, but they are starting to get the reputation that they frequently enjoy the pleasures of abusing their authority.

The reach out program is supposed to reverse these effects and let the community know that the majority of police actually care about the well-being of the public.

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