WATCH: Man Smokes Cigarette Laced With Pure Meth And PCP Mixture

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In an extremely disturbing video of what drugs can do on the body, a man was recorded after smoking a cigarette supposedly laced with a pure meth and PCP (or angel dust) mixture.  The video that is going viral was meant to demonstrate the effects that these drugs have, if concentrated, on the human body.

The video shows the man take a deep puff before he starts to space out.  You can see him become infatuated with the lights right before his brain takes a leap off the deep end.

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The drugs send the man into a seizure-like state that caused his body to involuntarily spasm, until a little while later when his brain allows the muscles in his body to stop contracting.  In what almost appears as if the man is dead, all movement stops.

Fortunately though, he is still alive as he moves a little more during the end of the clip.

The experiment was said to have been done in a medically controlled environment, but many people on the internet aren’t so convinced.

As literally none of this can be confirmed, people on the internet simply speculate on what is happening during the video.  They also mention that the EEG device is extremely sensitive to movement and vibrations so while the man was spasming or seizing, all the brain wave data was mostly on account of his physical movements.

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One person, who claimed to speak the language of those in the video explains the bottom text reads, “Georg Thieme Publishing – Neurological differential diagnosis.”  The person goes on to explain that the man talking said, “the patient suffers from … an epileptic, generalized discharge. A tonic stretching of extremities followed by increasing twitches. Following the tonic phase is the clonic phase. It’s a typical grand mal seizure.”

They therefore speculate that this isn’t really a drug induced state, but the result of an epilepsy observation (perhaps brought on by the cigarette).

What do you think—drugs or epilepsy? Let us know in a comment below!

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