WATCH: Ghost Gun? Anti-Gun Senator Makes Complete Fool Of Himself!

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When it comes to guns and their functionality the last people we ever want to look to are the anti-gun politicians who claim to be “experts”, and this video is a prime example of why. As we all know, the anti-gun crowd likes to use rhetoric that they feel will evoke fear in people in hopes it will sway their opinion and get them on board with their ridiculous “common sense” ideas. Well Senator de Leon doesn’t disappoint, only he sounds like a complete fool while trying to do so.

In this 57 second video clip we see California Senator Kevin de Leon holding a gun, which he calls a “ghost gun” and referencing its “30 caliber clip”, then goes on to say it can “disperse 30 bullets in a half a second”. As if that wasn’t enough to completely discredit him as an “expert” on firearms, he followed that up by incorrectly referring to the magazine as a “30 magazine clip.” That’s right, watch it and see.

The whole reason he was up there was to speak about his new legislation, S.B. 808, that would require all independent firearms manufacturers to submit to the Department of Justice an application for a serial number, ban all plastic/composite firearms, and require any California resident that owns a gun without a serial number to apply for one. He proposed the bill because he feels it’s a problem that people have unregistered firearms since “nobody knows they exist until after a crime has been committed.”

Well Mr. de Leon, you don’t even know the difference between a magazine, a clip, and the measurement of a bullet’s diameter, so why should anyone trust you to be an authority on this subject?

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