Iraqi Muslim Brutally Rapes Deaf Elderly Woman, Gets Off With Only Parole And A Fine

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As the Muslim religion continues to infect the world at a slow and steady pace, it is reasonable that we take a look at exactly what the people of, “the religion of peace,” are capable of.  After a Muslim Iraqi forced his way into a deaf senior citizen’s home and brutally raped her, he somehow avoided jail time and was released on parole and ordered to pay a fine.

Nihad S is a taxi driver and after two years of driving around an elderly woman around Hannover, Germany, he thought her monetary compensation wasn’t enough.  After driving her around and helping her get groceries, he muscled his way into her home where he raped her.

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The prosecutor, Stefan Dach, explained that, “In her apartment, he pushed her onto her bed. The woman tried to push him away.”  The victim’s advocate, Anke Geißler, expounded on the issue saying, “that was some brutality there. My client thought that at her age she would be safe from sexual attacks.”

The father of three explained that, “I am a helpful person, driving many women, I have never had any problem. I am sorry.”

Apparently this was good enough for the courts as he showed remorse for his actions and let him off with a slap on the wrist.  The fact that the woman didn’t have to show up in court and relive her rape meant that the man compensated for his evil act.

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After the judge stated, “He has shown remorse, and has spared the victim from testifying,” he sentenced Nihad to 2 years on parole, and to pay a $4800 fine–$3600 of which would go to the victim.

The man was immediately fired from his job at the taxi service he worked for and the city is considering withdrawing his license entirely.

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