“Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis Admits She Lied About Being A Single Teen Mom

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Apparently there is nothing Democrats won’t do in order to secure a few more votes.  Texas State Senator Wendy Davis may not have been telling the accurate story when she testified under oath saying she was divorced at age 19.

There is an obvious attempt when it comes to politicians playing on the heart strings of voters in order to sway a couple votes, but where does it cross that ethical line? Wendy Davis surely crossed that line, and—no surprise here—the media is defending it.  For some reason, unless a right-wing “fascist,” lies, it’s really not relevant, and in all reality, acceptable.

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As she climbed the ladder of success in the nation spotlight, she took to a few speeches to wrongfully inform listeners of her saddening story.  What was supposed to be an inspirational heartfelt lesson on success, her lies even spilled over into the court room.  During her testimony during a federal lawsuit over redistricting, under oath she claimed, “I got divorced by the time I was 19 years old.”

As the truth has it, Davis was actually divorced at the age of 21 from her now ex-husband.  Another little nugget of deceit was revealed that showed her ex-husband actually paid all of her college expenses.  Davis managed to divorce the man one day after the last tuition payment for her law degree was paid by him.

Sounds like Democrats are getting a history of discarding things they no longer need despite promises they previously made. The court found Davis to have committed adultery when they awarded custody of their two children to her ex-husband.

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Davis would have been just fine with the public continuing to believe that she was a single teen mom, living with her daughter in a trailer park at the age of 19—but the truth always finds its way.

After being caught in her intentional lie, she explains, “My language should be tighter.”

Your language should be tighter?  Your language should be truthful is what it should be.

The media is of course trying to figure out the best way to spin this story and found a few people that think when public politicians lie, it’s acceptable.  One unidentifiable source said that Wendy Davis is, “going to figure out a way to spin herself in a way that grabs at the heart strings.”  He went on to say that, “she’d be a good governor.”

So if she finds it alright to lie about something as simple as her past, what do you think she is going to lie about when she holds a public position of authority?

Her ex-husband even came to the woman’s rescue saying her real story is, “a better narrative than what they’re trying to paint.”

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“They’re?”  Not “they’re”, she.  Your ex-wife lied about her past in an intentionally deceitful way to manipulate the public.  Why are Democrats never held accountable for their actions—and why is someone else always blamed?

What do you think about this–why do politicians find it acceptable to make a habit out of lying? Let us know in a comment below!

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