Allen West Calls Obama and Holder “Most Vile and Disgusting Racists”

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Allen West released a statment on Tuesday that has created waves with a “clear a succinct message” he had for white Americans:


“How long will it be before “you people” realize you have elevated someone to the office of president who abjectly despises you — not to mention his henchman Holder. Combined they are the most vile and disgusting racists — not you.”

West cites several different reasons for this conclusion. He begins with a critisism of Holder’s racial preference policies with a quote from The Hill:

“Attorney General Eric Holder called upon the nation’s school districts Wednesday  to rethink “zero tolerance” disciplinary policies that he said disproportionately punish minorities and push too many students into the justice  system. Alarming numbers of young people are suspended, expelled or even arrested for relatively minor transgressions like school uniform violations,  schoolyard fights or showing ‘disrespect’ by laughing in class,” Holder said during a speech in Baltimore.”

West goes on to say that the remarks came with a new set of guidelines that were issued by the Departments of Justice and Education. West questions the guideline’s motives of being more “fair, nondiscriminatory and effective.”

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West states that violence on campuses is much more commonly perpetrated by black students and cites a situation that arose during his time as a teacher at Deerfield Beach High in Florida:

“When a young man took a swing at me while I broke up a beat down that he and  three others were giving a young man already on the ground, it had nothing to do  with civil rights. It had everything to do with a criminal behavior which does not belong in a learning environment – and he was expelled. Now imagine under  these new guidelines and rules, DoJ and DoEd would initiate an investigation.”

West says that the real problem is the “decimation of the black family.”

He went on to say:

“Fifty years ago only six percent of births in America were out of wedlock Today the number is 72 percent in the black  community. There was a time when “acting out” at school resulted in having to  stay after school and worse, a call home to mom and dad — talk about a beat down.”

West concludes his argument by pointing out the rise of Common Core and state-run education and it’s detrimental impact on education and the black community.

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