Bill Maher Calls Duck Dynasty Family “Preppy A**Holes”

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Bill Maher is back.

And he is taking aim at the Robertson family from Duck Dynasty.

Maher explains that Americans need to make a New Years Resolution to be more cynical. He says, “Be less fooled. Case in point, all the people that are fans of these guys, heroes to all the rural heartfelt traditional values gun nuts out there.”

Then he shows a promo graphic from Duck Dynasty and goes on to say, “Except here is what we recently found out these guys really look like before they got their TV show, preppy a**holes at the golf club wearing Tommy Bahama,” Maher continued. “That’s right. It is all an act, fat cats pretending to be just folks. And you fell for it.”

Maher shows this picture of some of the Robertsons golfing without the beards as if somehow this is proof that the Robertsons have pulled the wool over our eyes since the show started. The only thing Maher proved is that he is the only one who is fooled.


Maher is really missing the whole purpose of the show. It’s not about the beards. People tune in because they can relate to this family and the values that they share. The majority of Americans can identify with the types of issues that the Robertsons tackle in each show and how they help one another through the good and the bad.

The show’s fans appreciate the family’s commitment to their faith because America is a Christian nation where our strength comes from our families.

It’s easy to cherrypick one photo of the pre-fame Robertsons without beards in order to try and make them look like “preppy assholes” as Maher put it.

There are also many other beardless photos of the Robertsons out there that aren’t from the golf course. Maher and his producers know that though.

Here are some more early photos of the “fat cats” and “preppy assholes” you won’t see on Maher’s HBO show anytime soon.

Willie Robertson and his kids, John Luke and Sadie:

Willie RObertson with Sadie and John Luke.

Jase with his family:


Clueless liberals like Maher love to try and find ways to destroy these people and this show. In this case, we have Maher trying to discredit this family’s authenticity because his producers found a picture of the boys golfing without beards. But in reality, nothing has changed.

The beards may not have not always been there, but everything else has.

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