EPIC TAKEDOWN: Judge Jeanine DESTROYS Hillary Clinton Over Benghazi

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In a video that speaks for itself, Judge Jeanine got on her soap box and ripped Hillary a new one.  In what could have only been better if Hillary was there herself, Judge Jeanine calls Hillary incompetent and a selfish failure to her country.

Judge Jeanine starts out by explaining that the Senate just released documents about Benghazi that show Hillary Clinton’s intentional and blatant lies when it came to her account of the Benghazi incident.  She states that the documents prove that—unlike what Hillary led on—the attack and the four men’s deaths could have been prevented.

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This, in and of itself, was enough for Judge Jeanine to rip into Hillary for.

She reiterates, that during Hillary’s hearing, she claimed to have been focused on an incident in Tunisia where she DID send military reinforcements to.  Judge Jeanine asks, “what incident?” Did anyone die in this unheard of “Tunisia event?”

Judge Jeanine claims that Hillary deviously avoided the courts for 4 months using several transparently ridiculous lies in order to get, “all her ducks in a row.”  And when she finally was dragged into the hearing kicking and screaming, she portrayed a careless attitude saying, “what difference does it make?”

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The judge then begins her all-out verbal assault saying that Hillary is a criminal for what she has done.  Fabricating a lie about an anti-Muslim video so that the public wouldn’t be aware of Obama’s incompetent actions right before his second term election was purely criminal—one she calls a conspiracy.

She then lights into Hillary further saying that she is responsible for the American’s blood that was shed that day.  Judge Jeanine even went so far to explain that when Hillary visited Libya, she had military reinforcements close by, before she arrived, in case she ran into trouble.

The hypocrite demonstrated that she was more worried about her life and called in the troops “just in case” something bad was going to happen.  The fact that the ambassador was pleading for help and reinforcements makes this even more despicable as she personally was responsible for their safety.

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Hillary shows that she is extremely similar to Obama, outwardly portraying her narcissistic attitude where she thinks her life is the only one that truly matters.

The fact that she denied aid to American’s who she swore to protect should be enough to hang her for treason.  What do you guys think? What did you think of Judge Jeanine’s message for Hillary? Let us know in a comment below!

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