Is Obama Trying To Get You To Convert To Islam Through Obamacare?

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We all know that Obamacare—or the Affordable Care Act—is anything but affordable.  So why is something that is costing Americans more being shoved down our throats?  There is new speculation that suggests that Obama is trying to get Americans to convert to Islam through the use of Obamacare.

There has been a lot of conjecture regarding Obama and his religion, most of which suggesting that he is a closet Muslim.  So whenever something is revealed that could appear in a favorably Muslim light, Americans tend to get nervous.  Obama’s latest hidden stunt—that seemed to be intentionally deceitful—is rousing up similar concerns.

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Obama, unbeknownst to the public, had specifically hidden the word Dhimmitude somewhere in the vastness of the law—but has since been conveniently removed.  Now, to many people, even if they had seen the word Dhimmitude written, they still would have not known what it meant.  That’s because it is a word only relevant to the Muslim religion.

The word Dhimmitude, in a nutshell, is a way in which a Muslim society can control its non-Muslim population.  It gives the government the right to tax any non-believers so harshly that they would actually think about converting to the religion.

In essence, Muslims make people pay a fine if they do not believe and if they wish to avoid these fees all they have to do is simply, convert.

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Obama has already exempt Muslims as it is in direct violation to their religion.  They claim that buying insurance is a type of “gambling.” In other words, they are gambling that they will get sick or injured—God forbid we gamble in hopes that we don’t. Either way, the fact that Obama used this Muslim-specific language seems to hint strongly at more devious intentions.

It would appear that Obama is using his beloved Obamacare as a type of Dhimmitude.  In other words, as it only causes higher insurance premiums and deductibles, he is making all non-Muslims suffer—at least financially.

Of course there is one simple solution, if you would like to avoid the abysmal Obamacare costs—convert to Islam.

As Obama continues to hint more and more that he has a bias toward the Muslim religion and that he himself just may be Muslim, it’s hard to exactly interpret his intentions.  Obamacare had a disastrous roll-out and it is making health insurance MUCH more expensive for the American public despite its initial mission to address already high insurance costs.  So it doesn’t seem that far off that there may be ulterior motives to the law Obama holds so near and dear to his heart.

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What do you think—is Obama a Muslim? Is Obamacare his way of punishing non-Muslims? And is he actually pressuring non-believers to convert to the religion of peace? Let us know your thoughts in a comment below!

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