Concealed Pistol Carrier Takes Out Crazed Gunman And Would-Be Murderer

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Here’s another story that you surely won’t see on any main stream media news stations.  A man with a concealed carry permit shot and stopped a gunman before he could spill any innocent blood in a local Alabama store.

A gunman, Kevin Mclaughlin, reportedly entered a Dollar General store in Dallas County, Alabama waving his gun in the air telling everyone not to move.  He then screamed that he was, “looking for three bad motherf**kers,” and began ushering everyone—at gunpoint—to the back of the store.

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As he was forcing everyone into the break room, one of the customers—and unfortunately for the gunman, a concealed pistol carrier—then pulled out his gun and shot Mclaughlin rendering him no longer a threat.

Dallas County Sheriff Harris Huffman explained, “There was only one shot fired and that shot struck the individual with the pistol causing the disturbance.”

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It has been speculated that the gunman wasn’t there to rob the store, but instead to kill the innocent shoppers.  The hero, Marlo Ellis, was said to have used his own weapon where he shot and killed Mclaughlin.

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