Father Outaged Over Poster Listing Sex Acts in Middle School Classroom

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A father is outraged over a poster that his daughter took a picture of and showed him.

The poster was hanging on a classroom wall at Shawnee Mission School District near Kansas City. The poster lists several sex acts that the father believes are innappropriate for his daughter to see in her classroom.

The father, Mark Stevens, told Fox4 in Kansas City that he initially thought it was a prank. “Why would you put it in front of 13-year-old students?” he asked. Then Ellis contacted the Principal who told him it was a teaching material.

Here is the report:

The Spokesperson for the school district further elaborated:

“The poster that you reference is actually part of our middle school health and science materials, and so it is a part of our district approved curriculum. However the item is meant to be part of a lesson, and so certainly as a standalone poster without the context of a teacher-led discussion, I could see that there might be some cause for concern.”

Ellis was not pleased with the explanation and has said that he plans to remove his daughter from the school if this doesn’t change soon. “This has nothing to do with abstinence or sexual reproduction,” he said.

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The school district maintains that cirriculum like this is common in many other middle schools around the country.

What do you think? Would you be outraged if your 13-year old child had come home with a picture of a poster like this one in their classroom? Tweet us your thoughts or comment below.

(h/t: Fox 4 Kansas City)

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