Obama Threatens: I’ll Use Executive Action If Congress Doesn’t Do What I Say

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Obama had a secret little meeting with his highest esteemed Democratic Senators where he told them that if members of Congress didn’t work with him on certain issues, he would bypass Congress altogether and enact Executive Action.

Pouting with the little grade school attitude we have all expected him to show when he doesn’t get his way, he banded together with his gang on Wednesday to talk about the big bad bullies in Congress.

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Instead of actually figuring out a way to compromise an acceptable solution for both sides, Obama once again declared that he will do whatever he pleases.  Two main issues he does not seem willing to compromise on are minimum wage and immigration reform. Some other “minor” issues tagging along are American’s education and job situations.

It’s really sad to see that Obama is more worried about the non-citizens illegally in this country before those he swore to serve.  Instead of making sure Americans can put food on the table for their family, he’d rather make sure that the criminals can reap the full benefits this country has to offer by granting them citizenship.

The more delectable details of the secretive meeting were kept under wraps as Senators wouldn’t comment about the events that transpired.

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It appears as if Obama would like people to think he’s actually working before the upcoming State of the Union Address.

What do you think of Obama’s unconstitutional tendencies and total disregard for our nation’s legislative process? Let us know in a comment below!

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