“Toughest Liberal” George Miller Says Tea Party “Dark Money” Is Halting Liberal Legislative Progress

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The man that is known to be one of the toughest Liberals in the House of Representatives is set to retire.  After four decades of fighting Republicans tooth and nail, George Miller says he’s leaving on a good note but does have a few concerns.  One of those concerns, he relays, is mysterious “dark money” from rich Tea Party activists that could slow, if not halt all together, any liberal legislative progress.

Miller was elected back in 1974, when citizens decided to change things up a bit after Nixon’s scandals.  Although he doesn’t exactly appreciate the term, he is one of the only two consecutively serving, “Watergate babies.”

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In a recent interview with the Washington Post, he explained that over the decades, the law and legislative process have changed so much, that if Kennedy were to come back, he would hardly recognize it.  But there appears to be a little more behind the 6’3” massive exterior of the man that meets the eye.

Miller was described to have worked with Republican’s in order to compromise on serious issues such as, the No Child Left Behind policy.  In doing so, Miller can be noted as one of the few politicians in office that is willing to actually work with the other side in order to settle on the best deal that pleases—while minimally hurts—the other side.  That can’t be said for too many thick skulled Democrats or Republicans anymore.  Instead we resort to a history of grid lock while pointing our finger at the other guy.

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As Miller talks about his upcoming retirement he does state that there is one thing that truly troubles him.  He claims that Tea Party “dark money” is keeping Republicans from negotiating—at all—with Democrats.  In other words, extremely rich investors are calling the shots and telling our elected officials what to do.  Their main concern—completely keeping Republicans from the table when it comes to liberally centralized legislative talk.

Now, although Miller doesn’t talk about it, I’m sure this can be said of both sides.  After all, he who holds the most money usually holds the most power.

It is nice however to see a politician walk away from his decades of service proud.  Instead of whining about the politicians on the other side of the isle and blaming them for time lost and destroying the country, he infers that he is more proud of where the country is.

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Of course, he thinks that Obamacare is, “the biggest gift to economic security for families since Social Security,” so we really should question his grasp on reality.

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