Military Teacher “Had Sex With” And Even “Married” His 15-Year-Old Student

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A military teacher is behind bars today after police found out that the 54-year-old teacher had sex with one of his 15-year-old students.  Police initially thought that the man had only helped her run away, but after several interrogations, revealed that the two were had engaged in a sexual relationship.

Retired Army Sergeant Duane Ernest Adams, 54, was a Russian teacher at Francis Military Academy in Ocala, Florida.

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The girl was reported to police as a runaway on Friday by her parents.  Adams reportedly had shown up right before the girl left her parent’s house in order to pick her up, but her parents made him leave.  After she did run away, her parents then told police of Adams’ strange appearance right before the disappearance of their daughter.

When police contacted him though, he told police that he did not know where the girl was or how to get in touch with her.


Police ended up finding the girl in Daytona in front of a shop where she informed police that she had run away with a friend and that Adams had met up with them.  Police then arrested Adams for interfering with the custody of a child.

During interrogations, the girl spilled the beans and informed police that the two had actually been dating for the past six months.  During that time, she told police that, he had touched her and she performed sexual acts on the 54-year-old teacher in his apartment.

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It wasn’t until after the girl had run away that the couple engaged in sexual intercourse.

Once police had what they needed, they formally arrested Adams for the rape of the 15-year-old girl.

Adams reportedly became compliant with police and cooperated by giving his side of the story.  He explained that after the girl had run away, he paid cash for a hotel room for her under a fake name.


He went on to say that the two were waiting for the girl to turn 16 so they could run away to a different state where they could be legally married.  He explained that their relationship was true in the eyes of God as they had already exchanged rings and were informally married.

As he was being hauled away in handcuffs though, he was reported to have told reporters that he got, “caught up with something I shouldn’t have done.”

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The military school has since suspended the teacher without pay. Director of Francis Military Academy, Col. William Archibald told reporters that he was, “absolutely appalled,” by Adams’ actions.  He stated that the school, “can’t have him back,” and that, “We’re all beside ourselves at the academy.”

Adams remains behind bars after his bond was set at $176,000.

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