Obama Orders Nearly $200 Million for a Muslim Holiday


January 16, 2014 9:39am PST

President Obama is wishing the people of Syria a happy Eid al-Fitrand and he’s celebrating by sending them a gift of nearly $200 million of our tax dollars.

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Obama offered his well wishing in a statement from the White House saying that he and Michelle send their “warmest greetings to Muslims celebrating Eid al-Fitr here in the United States and around the world.”

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To celebrate this wonderful holiday, here is what he’s doing with our money:

“To help the many Syrians in need this Eid al-Fitr, the United States is providing an additional $195 million in food aid and other humanitarian aid, bringing our humanitarian contribution to the Syrian people to over $1 billion since the crisis began. For millions of Americans, Eid is part of a great tapestry of America’s many traditions, and I wish all Muslims a blessed and joyful celebration. Eid Mubarak.”

Let’s highlight this bit of business in Obama’s statement: “Eid is part of a great tapestry of America’s many traditions.”

Uh, no Mr. President Eid al-Fitr is not part of America’s traditions. It is an utterly foreign concept from an utterly foreign religion. Eid al-Fitr is not in the tiniest bit an American tradition, not any more than Islam itself is an American tradition.

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Worse, you can bet this money ends up in the hands of either the murdering Syrian regime or the al Qaeda operatives that run the bulk of the rebel groups.

Meanwhile, we here in the USA have a budget spiraling out of control, high unemployment, and a faltering economy, not to mention poor and hungry people of our own here in this country.

But it’s nice that Obama can give his friends in Islam such a generous gift, isn’t it? Tell us what you think below.

(H/T American Overlook)

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