BOO-HOO: Obama Wines “Give Me More Respect”

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Obama recently had the Miami Heat in the White House again after their back-to-back championship wins.  While there though, Obama threw his own sob story into his speech saying he needs more respect.

Apparently the heat—no pun intended—is finally getting to Obama as he is publicly demonstrating the fact that he knows how much he is disliked.

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During a speech that was supposed to be glorifying the recent Miami Heat victory, Obama—of course—took a moment to make it all about him.

He says that still, even after winning the NBA Championship twice, back-to-back, it still feels like the Heat is, “still fightin’ for a little respect.”  Showing his utmost narcissistic nature, he throws in, “I can relate to that.”

Now it’s unclear if he’s referring to the American people, as his approval rates are abysmally low, or Congress for making sure he doesn’t outright bypass the Constitution—but either way, it’s nice to see him squirm.

A few Twitter users recently took to social media to express the fact that they didn’t really appreciate seeing our Commander-in-Chief whine.  One person said, “Well the Heat didn’t lie to their fans & say if you like your season [tickets] you can keep your season [tickets] & then cancel their season [tickets].”

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In just one of the many other digs, another user tweeted, “Perhaps if he would try to earn respect rather than fight for it, he and this nation would be better off….True story.”

So what do you guys think—is it really becoming of the most powerful man on earth to resort to whining? Let us know in a comment below!

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