“Devil Baby” Scares The Hell Out Of New York City Residents

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A special effects crew recently took to the streets of NYC in order to promote a scary movie.  What happened surprised even those most burly men—except one.

What would you do if you saw an unattended stroller on the winter streets of NYC? How about if you heard the cries of a baby coming from it?

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The team at Thinkmodo took advantage of many unsuspecting victim’s good will in hopes it would lure them in.

Watch the prank here:

Sadly—for the victims at least—instead of a crying baby, what they found was a little more disturbing.  Hooked up to a remote control, the crew could launch the baby into upright position. Needless to say, what the good Samaritans saw, was quite disturbing.

Emerging from the blanket was a “demon baby” that was able to blink, move its mouth even and throw up—in true exorcist form.

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Needless to say, anyone caring enough to check the welfare of the “child” got a little scare of their own.

It turns out the guys at Thinkmodo have promoted other movies as well.  A few months ago they promoted for the movie Carrie, in which they rigged a coffee shop to make it look like a girl had kinetic powers.

You can see that video here:

The “devil baby” stunt is promoting the movie Devil’s Due.  Thinkmodo founder, Michael Krivicka thought the stunt, “was an interesting social experiment to see how many people would bother to check on an abandoned stroller.”

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What do you guys think—would you have jumped? Let us know in a comment below!

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