Chris Matthews Already Celebrating Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Election

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Chris Matthews recently stopped by the show The View to talk with the cast. During the conversation Matthews mentioned that Christie was the only worthy opponent for Hillary Clinton. We all know that a “week is a year in politics,” but after the recent—hardly a week old–Christie scandal, MSNBC host Christ Matthews is already popping the champagne as if Hillary is President elect—as if.

The pompousness of Chris Matthews knows no bounds, but for some reason he can’t help himself when things are going good for his liberal pals.  Despite the fact that the government—that he supported and said sent a “tingle” up his leg—has us in the worst financial crisis of U.S. history, he still feels Democrats are the intellectually superior party.

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If there’s one thing that drives me nuts about Matthews, it’s that he doesn’t allow anyone to talk.  Always talking over his guests—or hosts in the case of the view—it appears as if Matthews is the only opinion that matters in his self-centered world.

On the segment, he told the hosts and viewers that, “the only guy that could have won,” against Hillary in 2016 would have been Chris Christie.  Apparently he has discovered, unbeknownst to the rest of the country, that there is only one Republican left in the United States able to compete with the high and mighty likes of Hillary.  But what difference does that make?

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He went on to say, “I think Christie would have been a hell of a candidate before this mess,” talking about the recent “bridge-gate” scandal.

Saying that there’s “only” far right wingers left to run the race, there’s no way Hillary can’t win.  He explains, “That’s why you’re left with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. They’re not going to be elected president of the United States. So, now they got to go back to Jeb. Let’s go back to the Bushes again.”

As, just a week ago, Christie was still in the running for the Republican side of the presidential race, I’m sure there will be a replacement—after all, there is still a few years left to find one.  So if things can change in a matter of weeks, it’s hard to understand why Matthews is celebrating so soon.

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Hopefully someone like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul does get elected—wouldn’t it be great to see his head implode?

Let us know what you think of the idiotic mindset Matthews already seems to be in, in a comment below!

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