Mike Huckabee: Let’s ‘Outlaw’ The Word RINO

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Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas Governor and one time candidate for the GOP nomination for President, is sick and tired of seeing people throw the epithet RINO at others and he now says we should outlaw the name from our public discourse.

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Huckabee, well-known as the Evangelical’s candidate, made the comment on his Facebook page on January 13.

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Huckabee recently quit his short lived radio show claiming that his radio bosses didn’t work hard enough to sell his program to America’s syndicated markets. When he was still governor, Huckabeee also became infamous for having commuted the sentence of a prisoner who later committed murder once freed from prison.

In any case, Huckabee thinks that calling each other RINOs when we spy something that doesn’t fit the Republican “purity test” should be stopped. We aren’t getting anywhere attacking each other all the time, he says.

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Here is what Huckabee wrote on Facebook:

What’s the Republican Party’s biggest obstacle in this year’s elections? Republicans!…With Benghazi, Obamacare, NSA spying, al-Qaeda and the still-staggering economy, 2014 should be a record year for the GOP. But they risk disaster if they let the primaries be hijacked by ad campaigns by groups that don’t target Democrats, but fellow Republicans who aren’t “pure” enough. If factions within the Party spend their time and money tearing down other Republicans instead of trying to build up the country, then why should voters support the GOP? I sometimes wonder if they really want to save America, or just proudly boast to their party pedigree. They should be focusing on their real differences with the left, not committing fratricide. Personally, I think someone who agrees with me 90% of the time is not my enemy. I’d rather have a loyal dog that licks me than one with a pedigree that bites me. I’d rather go into battle with someone who isn’t perfect than with someone who thinks he is.

Incidentally, those who blame the Tea Party for this are misguided. The Tea Party is a movement, not a structured organization. It’s rightfully helped the Republican Party refocus on the perils of spending money we don’t have and borrowing money we can’t afford to pay back. It’s the infighting, and the backbiting, and the wounds from those who ought to be friends of the GOP that hurt the party most. And one term that I’d like to see outlawed from the vernacular of the party is “RINO.” It stands for Republicans in Name Only, and it’s a pejorative term that questions the authenticity and orthodoxy of someone’s party purity. I’ve been called that myself, even though I fought in the trenches of Republican politics for over two decades. Even so, I would never pretend that I’m Lord over determining who the real Republicans are.

A great Republican, Abraham Lincoln, famously quoted Jesus when he said that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Today, many Republicans seem to have forgotten that wisdom. Then again, maybe they think Abraham Lincoln was a RINO, too.

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Well, what do you think of all that? Huckabee is right that we do need to focus on the enemy more. But is he right to totally white wash the differences inside our movement? Tell us below.

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