New Fad Emerges Making Fun Of NBA Fake Flops Called “LeBroning”

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A new trend is becoming quite popular amongst those who have access to a cell phone.  The new fad, that is gaining similar popularity to things such as “tebowing,” “planking” or even “batmaning,”—go look it up— shows people taking a shot at none other than, NBA star, LeBron James.  In an attempt to show the obnoxiously fake “fouls” by flopping on the ground, teens have taken to “LeBroning.”

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We have all seen NBA games, or videos, that show the ridiculous way some players attempt to gain an advantage over their competitors.  In another form of lying, players pretend that they were pushed or shoved, and as dramatically as possible, they fall to the ground hoping the referee calls a foul on the opposite team.  If you don’t know what “flopping” is, take a look below:

The fad has become popular after James’ most recent interview saying that he didn’t really see a probable with “flopping.” In an interview with CBS he said, “Guys have been accustomed to doing it for years, and it’s not even a bad thing. You’re just trying to get the advantage. Any way you can get the advantage over an opponent to your team win, then so be it.”

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Since then, fans have taken to demonstrating just how silly the 6’8” athlete looks.  In what they are calling “LeBroning,” one person along with an accomplice to record the incident, take to a random stranger, when they lightly graze them.  Upon making the ever so little bit of contact, the LeBroner falls to the ground giving their most sensational performance.

The act will most surely be coming to a school or mall near you.


However, James’—as well as several other players in the NBA—actions aren’t leaving just the fans shaking their heads.  Referees and officials are becoming sick of the practice as it makes a mockery out of the rules.

The NBA recently set stricter rules and heavier fines on “flopping” penalizing anyone that decides to take an unwarranted fall. The Daily Mail reports, “Houston Rockets guard James Harden was fined $5,000 by the NBA on Monday for flopping and became the first player to get such a penalty.”

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What do you guys think—is it inappropriate for NBA players to be “flopping” or is it just part of the game? What do you think of the new “LeBroning” fad? Let us know in a comment below!

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