Is This What a Man Who Hasn’t Bathed in 60 Years Looks Like?

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Iranian media is touting the story of Amou Haji, a man who is being touted as the dirtiest person in the world. He hasn’t taken a bath or cleaned himself in 60 years, we are told.

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Iranian media is claiming that Haji breaks the world record for dirtiness, not that there is any such official record. But let’s not let that get in the way of a good story, shall we?

The 66-year-old Haji apparently took to the country side, abandoning modernity, after having “emotional setbacks” as a young man.

Amou Haji

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This guy must be a real treat to be around, too. Instead of smoking tobacco, he apparently smokes “animal feces.” Nice.

Iranian media says:

His smoking pipe is filled with animal’s feces instead of tobacco and when he feels like smoking cigarettes he lights up a few of them at a time.

He wears a war helmet not to fight off the enemy in the battle field but to keep away from the bitterly cold winters.

Amou Haji has a couple of places to live in: one is a hole in the ground resembling a grave to keep him grounded and in touch with the reality of life and the other is an open brick shack built by those who felt sorry for him.

Amusingly, the Iranian media also tried to portray the man as some sort of naturalist who doesn’t have to worry about being robbed because “he has built no possessions.”

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He is “lucky,” the Iranian press says, because, “His roof is the starred sky, his little shack is paid in full without worrying about monthly mortgages, his pillow and quilt is the soft cushion of the earth embracing him every time.”

Of course, we must remember that this is the Iranian state media we are talking about, here. Who knows what the truth really is, eh?

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Well, an odd story, regardless, and it is clear from the photos that this Haji has been a long time between baths regardless.

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