CAUGHT ON TAPE: African-American Mob “Flash Robs” Store

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A store in Ohio was robbed by a 6 person mob consisting of mostly—if not all–African-Americans.  They were able to get in and out before the store even knew what hit them.

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A video is going viral after security cameras were able to catch the entire sequence of events on tape.

The video shows a group of about 6 people enter the store and begin stuffing their pockets.  You can see the men and women rummaging through the shelves looking for whatever they would like and would fit into their pockets and bags.


At one point, one of the stores attendants walks around the shelf, and although didn’t know what was happening, spread a little panic throughout the thieving mob.  She quickly returned to the cash register when the crooks went right back to stealing the merchandise.

It appears as though a few of the thieves did pay for some food to make what they did a little less suspicious.

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It appears as if the group was able to get away, and there is no word on if any arrests were made.

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