A Woman’s Advice To Men On Finding Ms. Right

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Your dream girl is out there; you just need to find her. The right woman. A woman who treats you well and appreciates you for who you are. A woman who’s classy enough to bring home to mom; a woman you’re proud to show off to the guys.

Here’s a few tips on finding your dream girl—and keeping her:

  1. Flex: If you’ve always dated the same type of woman, without finding success, challenge yourself to change things up. Maybe a curvy, blue-eyed brunette who likes cooking and football is your “type.” Don’t be too rigid to pass up that sassy, skinny, green-eyed redhead who likes reading and yoga.
  2. Respect Her: So many men think they want a “good girl.” If you want a good girl, you’ll need a little patience and tenacity. She might go to church on weekends; you might roll your eyes and think Sundays are for napping and Netflix. Join her on occasion; you could surprise yourself by finding serenity in the experience of public worship. Or, she might be saving certain things for marriage; which you might think is crazy. Stay open to her ideas because she’s probably worth the wait. Many beautiful women including the reigning Miss World Megan Young and Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima have saved sex for marriage.
  3. Weigh the advantages of XOX over XXX: Medical experts across the country are now exploring the connection between porn and the brain. It’s been shown that a porn habit can wreak havoc on the brain, and make men less interested in a sexual relationship with a real-life woman. Take a lasting pause from porn, and you’ll have an easier time falling in love.
  4. Have Fun:  I think guys need to relax and have more fun when they date. Instead of seeing dating as a drudgery or viewing your goal to “get a girlfriend” as an item for a check-off-list, enjoy the entire process that goes into the conquest. With a more relaxed and nimble outlook toward dating, you’ll have more stamina for the challenge of roping in Miss Right.


Written By Katie Kieffer.

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