GRAPHIC CONTENT: Officers Beat Homeless Schizophrenic Man To Death And Get Away With It

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It is truly a sad day when justice is not dealt to those who deserve it most.  In one of the most brutal beatings ever caught on tape, police officers were found not guilty in the savage murder of a homeless, schizophrenic man.

The incident occurred back on July 5, 2011, when police responded to a vandalism call.  Officer Manuel Ramos soon stumbled across a homeless man, none other than 37 year old, Kelly Thomas.

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The police officer, inquisitive at first, quickly became quite hostile.  About 15 minutes into dealing with the man, who has had past issues with schizophrenia, started to threaten the soon-to-be victim.

Two California Cops Charged In Death Of Homeless Man After Violent Arrest

For some reason—perhaps he needed an ego boost—the officer put on some glove, and said, “You see my fists? They’re getting ready to f*ck you up.”  Completely thrown back by the unwarranted display of aggression, Thomas—who was calmly sitting on the ground–responded by saying, “Start punching, dude!”

Apparently this was all the officer needed in order to take things to a physical level.  As another officer arrived on the scene, the two men took out their batons and began to approach Thomas.  As anyone would react—unfortunately—he began to evade police in hopes to avoid a beating.

Sadly for Thomas, this was not the case.


As they pummel the defenseless man with their batons, they were quickly able to tackle him and subdue him–however, they could not get handcuffs on him.  You can hear Thomas pleading with the officers to take it easy as he says, “I’m sorry, dude! I’m sorry.”  This though doesn’t do much for the officers as they continue to senselessly beat him.

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As more and more officers arrived, they joined in on the fun acting as though Thomas is a real life piñata.  They even took to Tasing the man—so much in fact that it emptied the charge of the batteries.  When the Taser was dead, the officer then used it on the victims face.  They found a way to make the Taser functional again even though it had no battery left by smashing it again and again into Thomas’ face.

Completely defenseless as police held him down and continued their senseless beating, all Thomas could do was call for help.  In a heart wrenching cry you hear the man scream, “Dad! Dad! Dad! Help me, help me Dad!”


Thomas had lost consciousness by the time that EMTs arrived and spent the next five days in a coma as a direct result of officer’s actions.  Thomas’ family then decided to pull the plug after doctors warned that he probably would never wake up.

During the trial, the officers disgustingly tried to justify what they had done saying, “We ran out of options so I got the end of my Taser and I probably … I just start smashing his face to hell,” says Cpl. Jay Cicinelli, according to the transcript provided by prosecutors. “He was on something. Cause the three of us couldn’t even control him.”

Even though they fully had the man under control and they weren’t in any danger they, “ran out of options,”—riiiiiiiight.

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The officers were acquitted of all charges but the District Attorney wanted to inform the public exactly what they men had done.  In a statement, the DA released:

“Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas contended that Ramos triggered a fatal beating when he snapped on latex gloves during a routine questioning and issued a profanity-laced threat to Thomas. Rackauckas contends that Cicinelli applied excessive force when he used a plastic Taser to smash the struggling Thomas in the face after the device was not effective as a stun gun. “

So, if, “the coroner determined that Thomas died from mechanical compression of the thorax, which made it impossible for him to breathe normally and deprived his brain of oxygen,” how were these two found not guilty?

It is unclear but their defense attorney maintains, “These peace officers were doing their jobs…they did what they were trained to do.”

I’m sure Thomas would attest to these officers ability to serve and protect.

If you would like to watch the 33 minute gruesome exchange caught on security camera, feel free below (warning: graphic content):

What do you think about these officers and how they got away with murder? Let us know in a comment below!

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