Obama Spent $175 Million On Penis Pumps

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Obama is at it again ladies and gentlemen, this time spending $175 million on penis pumps–yes you read that right.

According to an Inspector General report the government has been buying these pumps at about twice the cost of retail value in between 2006 and 2011.  Medicare has processed 473,620 claims for the VES, or vacuum erection systems, and paid for them.

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The reports explains that the price Medicare paid for the penis pumps, “remain grossly excessive compared with the amounts that non-Medicare payers pay.”   And at about $370 a pop, it appears that this might be the case.

Although the program began when Bush was in office, the majority of what was spent was during Obama’s presidency. This just goes to show what bigger government does folks.  Under Obama’s administration, more federal programs are created and go unchecked.

Health care policy experts agree explaining that the IG report goes to show just another example of, “wasteful spending in federal health programs.”

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Ben Domenech, a senior fellow at the Heartland Institute conveys, “The fact that taxpayers have spent more than a quarter of a billion dollars over the past decade on penis pumps via Medicare is obscene and insulting – even more so when you consider that this is an arena of Medicare expenditures rife with fraud and where the government doesn’t even bother to assess medical necessity.”

Although the several hundreds of thousands of penis pumps have been paid for by the government, there seems to be mixed emotions on whether or not penis pumps are really that efficient.  At $370 a pop, you would think the government would be eager to find a cheaper and more efficient product.

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Let us know your thoughts on this in a comment below—do patients have the right to get penis pumps under Medicare, or does the government just not care where our hard earned tax payer dollars are going despite our ever increasing national debt?

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