Canadian Pro-Palestinian Student Threatens “I Will Soak A Koffiah With Your [Israeli] Blood,” Calls It “Creative Writing”

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A former president of a supposed human rights group is under fire after she made a post on Facebook suggesting war on Israel and even martyrdom.  A police report has even been filed by a Canadian pro-Israel group that was offended by what she is calling, “creative writing.”

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The former leader of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights, or the SPHR, at the University of Calgary, recently posted an obnoxiously hateful message toward Israelis.  On Christmas, Ala’a Hamdan wrote, “I was born to become the next Palestinian fighter. In my mother’s womb I had a rock in my hand and a Palestinian flag in the other and now I’ve sworn that every breath I take is that of resistance.”


Continuing her outright threat she wrote, “[M]y body and soul are ready to fight and die. And if you see my blood coming out of my body please smile and cry of happiness because just then I will lay at peace in my mother’s arms.”

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She sadly finished her spew of hate by saying, “This land will be proud that Palestinian babies are born men and women ready to spill their blood.”

Pro-Israel groups are upset, and it seems rightfully so as this isn’t the woman’s first hate filled message toward any and all Israelis. In a previous post, written from the point of view of her mother, she wrote, “I will soak a koffiah [Palestinian headscarf] with your blood and save it to show to your siblings…I will be named the mother of the martyr.”

A CUWI activist, Ryan Bellerose, recently told the National Post, “It’s extremely melodramatic and poorly written but beyond that, it’s hate speech, I think. This student group talks about justice and peace and she talks about blowing herself up and having her children blow themselves up. It’s hypocritical.”

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Now of course the post doesn’t mention the woman blowing herself up, but The Blaze articulates that as, “Palestinians regularly refer to suicide bombers as “martyrs” and to terrorist attacks against civilians as ‘resistance,’” it’s not that far of a stretch.

Hamdan is hiding her hate posts behind her freedom of speech saying, “Unfortunately, but predictably, these attacks have omitted, misrepresented, or twisted the context and meaning of this creative writing.”

She pompously continues by explaining, “I do, at times, use powerful and visceral language in my writings. I do this to emphasize how much the Palestinian people have suffered under Israeli occupation and oppression. I also do it to humanize the Palestinians: their families, their fears, their challenges. My writings do not represent things that I want to do with my life.”

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And finally, in a sad excuse for an apology, she adds, “With all these written pieces, it has never been my intent to promote violence; people who take the time to read these pieces from beginning to end will understand this clearly. Nor have my writings been intended to encourage people to use violent means to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.  I firmly believe that using peaceful means to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict is the only approach.”

The college strangely enough has taken Hamdan’s side saying they encourage the use of free speech in order, “to keep the dialogue going on campus.”

What do you think—is the woman well within her rights, or does this cross that line between right and wrong? Let us know in a comment below!

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