Iran Agrees On Nuclear Deal’s Terms

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Recently Iran struck a deal with American officials that would effectively halt their nuclear development program.  Obama’s Administration, of course, couldn’t be happier as it gets everyone talking about anything besides Obamacare.  But is this deal the best American’s could have gotten out of Iran?

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It’s no mystery that out of all the countries in the world, Iran is the most dangerous and the biggest threat to safety worldwide.  So when American’s were successful in striking a deal with the country that lusts for American blood, it would seem that we should be happy, right?

John Kerry address the public saying:

“Our absolute top priority in these negotiations is preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Making absolutely clear, beyond any doubt, that Iran’s program is a peaceful program.”

There seems to be a few, more lackadaisical, features that came along with the deal, and as Iran was at the table. It is beginning to appear as if Obama’s administration didn’t push as hard as it should have.

Iran promised to stop all uranium enrichment at 5%–the necessary levels for energy use. Since anything just over 20% could be used in a weaponized version of the element, they were not to have anything above this number.

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However, if this was the case, and the 20% enriched uranium they had has no significant value, why did they demand to keep it? And more, why did we allow them to keep it?

If Iran is in such financial peril that it needs monetary support from its own sworn enemy, then why didn’t we push harder during negotiations? The deal that was struck seems mediocre at best, and in that, allows for Iran to go unchecked on nothing more than their word.

The only plausible thing you can do with 20% enriched uranium is enrich it further to a weaponizable state.  Now there really is no reason to take the 20% uranium from them except to prevent them from further refining it.  And wasn’t that the purpose of this deal in the first place?

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Somehow Iranians have pulled the wool over our leaders eyes as they are stumbe around seemingly graced by their presence.  Who is to blame when Iran—God forbid—fully enriches this uranium to a weaponized state with the 6 months of unsupervised time Obama has given to Iran?

It just doesn’t seem that this deal is worthy to remedy the threat that Iran imposes on the world.  What do you think? Let us know in a comment below!

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