NY Common Core Website Sends Kindergartners To Sex Quiz Page (GRAPHIC CONTENT)

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In an extremely embarrassing moment for New York education officials, the new NY Common Core website had a flawed hyperlink.  The link sent children, some as young as 4 and 5 years old, to an obscene sex quiz website.

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The link that read, “Make Test Prep Fun,” on the Engage NY’s website, for some reason, sent kids of all ages to a sex quiz site where they could learn if they were a “sexy bitch,” a, “slut,” or just a “loser.”  What was the man who created the link doing?  People don’t just write the wrong link in, they copy and paste, which means, this quiz, was on whoever’s computer that created the link.

Countless children were able to access the website that asked vulgar questions such as:

Would you have a threesome or a gang bang?

Are you often called a slut?

Have you ever let a boy hump you or grind on you in your younger years?

Do you pay to talk to hot girls, and or pay for any female interaction?

How many times per day do you jerk your dick to porn/female pictures?

What’s the average size of your dick?

Do you cross dress?


When, Anna Shah, a mother of a kindergartner, discovered the highly offensive—and certainly not age appropriate—material she immediately called NYSED, or the New York State Education Department.  They, of course, immediately took it down, but as it turns out, the material was on the website since October of 2012.

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The Common Core launch in New York has had quite a terrible roll-out of its own, and needless to say, incidents like this aren’t making matters any better.  So when people learn that the state was given a staggering $28 million in order to develop a curriculum in line with the new standards, people are starting to wonder what they really did with all that money.

Parents have recently gone to the man in charge directly, state education Commissioner John King, sharing their concerns as things aren’t quite going to plan.  He of course is fluffing them off saying that he has, “tremendous confidence in the materials.”  Ironically, King refers inquisitive minds to the number of hits on the Engage NY website spouting its incredible popularity as measured by “hits.”

Maybe he should have checked to see where his own website was sending people before boasting about it.

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Does state education Commissioner King deserve to be embarrassed? Let us know in a comment below!

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