VIDEO: Psychologist Teaches Americans How to Beat Liberals

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Clinical psychologist Dr. Timothy Daughtry has a warning for conservatives. Get active, get voting, or lose your country.

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Dr. Daughtry says that most of America–or mainstream America, as he calls it–are people who lean conservative. Liberals, he says, are only a tiny fraction of the country. Yet liberals have stolen America away from the majority because most Americans are “peace makers” who agree that compromise is a good thing.

Dr. Timothy Daughtry

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But the problem is, constant compromise with the left eventually gets us to a far left goal, something liberals understand as “gradualism.” If we don’t get involved, the left gets everything they want in the long run, Daughtry says.

“We’ve got to get active now or we are going to lose this republic. Our country is being taken away from us right under our very noses,” Daughtry insisted.

The doctor says that we need to turn the tables on the left. Make them defend their socialist policies instead of us always being forced to defend our American exceptionalist principles.

Daughtry says that losing the institutions of the media and education is bad enough but it is nothing compared to the damage done by government and he has a two episode video series on how to reverse all this destruction.

Take a look…

Part One

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Part Two:

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(H/T Daily Caller)

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