Navy Seal DESTROYS CNN Reporter After He Calls Soldier’s Deaths “Senseless”

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CNN is well known to lean to the left from a journalistic standpoint. So it should be no surprise when a reporter calls the loss of American life—those who are protecting our every freedom from people that wish everyday for America’s destruction—“senseless.”  Fortunately for soldiers, veterans, and American’s everywhere, a Navy Seal was there to put him in his place and come to the honor of those who, so graciously, gave their lives.


Jake Tapper, a CNN reporter, recently held an interview for the movie Lone Survivor with Mark Wahlberg and Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell.  Things went a little sideways during the course of the interview when Tapper asked, “One of the emotions I felt while watching the film is, first of all, just the hopelessness of the situation…In the same way that I think I am about the war in Afghanistan itself. I don’t want any more senseless American death and at the same time, I know that there are bad people there, and good people who need help. Was that intentional?”

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Almost immediately offended, you can see Luttrell’s suppressed outrage flush over him when he let Tapper have it.  The Navy Seal responded, “Well, I don’t know what part of the film you were watching, but hopelessness really came into it.”  He continued by saying, “Where did you see that? Because there was never any point where we just felt like we were just hopelessly lost or anything like that. We never gave up, we never felt like we were losing, until we were actually dead. That never came across in the battle and while we were fighting on the mountain and it was just us against them.”

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Apparently though, Tapper didn’t think the hole he had dug himself into was deep enough.  Trying to crawl out of his noticeably embarrassed skin, he tried to stuff even more of his foot into his mouth.  Squirming around in his chair he tried to explain, “Just the sense of all these wonderful people who died.  It seemed senseless. I don’t mean to disrespect in any way, but it seemed senseless — all of these wonderful people who were killed for an op that went wrong.”

In true, metaphorical face-palm nature, Luttrell completely shut the man down by saying, “We spend our whole lives training to defending this country and then we were sent over there by this country, so you’re telling me because we were over there doing what we were told by our country that it was senseless? And my guys, what? They died for nothing?”


Tapper still wasn’t quite done feeling as though his thoughts on the matter weren’t completely clear, when he turned to Mark Wahlberg asking his thoughts on the matter.  Wahlberg however had Luttrell’s back saying he, “completely agreed,” with the Navy Seal—and who wouldn’t?

Although it was a truly uncomfortable moment for the reporter, it is well known that Tapper does in fact support our troops.  He has done several segments showing the hardships of soldiers and veterans and has visited Iraq and Afghanistan on several occasions.  He has a clear track record of making sure regular citizens don’t forget the sacrifice our soldiers make for us on a daily basis.

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After having some time to put exactly what he thought into words, he included later that it was the operational and command aspects of the mission where questions ought to be placed.  He could have edited that part of the interview out of his segment, but he seemed to think it important to show the difference in mindset between soldier and civilian.

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