Thousands Participate In NYC’s Annual Pant-Less Subway Ride

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In what has grown into a strange phenomenon, thousands of people in NYC took to a pant-less subway ride.  What started as a small comedy skit has grown to become an annual day where not only NYC residents take part, but people all across the globe.

The event occurred on Sunday between the hours of 3 and 5 pm.  Several Facebook pages have come together to organize, what is now, the 13th Annual No Pants Subway Ride and had expected about 4,000 participants.


Strangely enough the event began as more of a joke put on by a group called “Improv Everywhere,” where members of the 7 comedian group would enter a subway by themselves with no pants on—of course someone else wouldn’t be too far off so they could record other passenger’s reactions.


Feel free to take a peek at the more “comedic” first ever No Pants Subway Ride below:

Now a days though, many people in NYC have taken to the strange event as more of a tradition.  For one day a year, Subway officials allow passengers to get away with wearing only “boxer-type shorts…. sport briefs, bikinis, even thongs.”  The event in known to rake in people of all ages, including some in their 60s and 70s.


The No Pants Subway Ride has grown so large that it has spilled over from NYC spreading to as far as up to 60 other cities in multiple other countries.  Videos across the web depicted the participants in places such as, “Paris, Montreal, Milan, Prague, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and of course, New York.”

Here’s a look from the No Pants Subway Ride in Berlin:

The main coordinators of the event express via Facebook that they’d rather not have it become a “media circus,”—I think it’s a little late for that though.  Their official statement does argue that:

We strongly encourage participation of everyone, including the media. As I say every year, “If you’re not here to take your pants off, you’re in the wrong place.”

Strangely enough, the coordinators even put in the effort to set up an after party in NYC for any and all pant-less subway riders.


What do you guys think about this—is this something you would participate in or is it just plain obnoxious? Let us know in a comment below!

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