Public High School Holds ‘Communist Awards’

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According to an article from the Communist Party USA’s News publication, People’s World, an award ceremony has come to light that was held in December 2013.

Here is how they described it:

“From the opening video and drumming to the remarks of the awardees, songs, youth slide show and finale, an atmosphere of unity and optimism inspired the entire multi-racial audience at the 2013 People’s World Amistad Awards, held in the auditorium of Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School.”

This was not your average award ceremony.

This awards ceremony praised union bosses and local Democrats for their part in advancing communism. The entire event took place at a Public High School in the auditorium.

So this is where we are folks. You get suspended for participating in all orders of Patriotic displays at public schools, but the communists are free to dole out awards to their political sympathizers in the auditorium.

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According to the Western Center for Journalism:

“The outrageous event began with a chant of “People before profits,” and  included a call to mobilize the movement into a door-to-door propaganda  campaign.

Connecticut State Rep. Edwin Vargas praised the “hardcore” Communist sympathizers in the crowd before quoting brutal murderer – and leftist hero – Che Guevara.

Another New Haven public school played host to the Amistad Awards in 2010,  when the far-left CPUSA met at James Hillhouse Public High School.”

Vargas was among the award recipients and was one of multiple Democratic legislators and former legislators who reportedly received awards.

Here was his Che Guevara quote that he used when addressing the audience:

“The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love,” Vargas went on to explain that justice can’t be acheived without peace.”

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Vargas worked in the public school system for nearly 35 years and was a union boss himself. He is also an Obama supporter and can be seen in the photo below (far left) at an Obama event in 2008.


The theme of the awards ceremony was, “Marching On for Jobs, Freedom & Peace.”

“The People’s World Amistad Awards lift up those who are marching on to inspire our movement to think bigger together and reach higher together,” said Joelle Fishman, chair of the Connecticut CPUSA.

There you have it.

These are your taxpayer dollars at work if you live in Connecticut.


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