VIDEO: Armed Carjacker Vs. Armed Citizen

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An armed carjacker got a surprise after he pulled a weapon in effort to steal a man’s car.  Needless to say, the would-be victim had a weapon of his own and used it.

The incident reportedly occurred in Venezuela where a local business man was locking up his shop.  Upon exiting the shop, he quickly returns to lock the doors and gets into his vehicle.

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Surveillance footage captures an assailant lurking around the corner.  As the suspect approached the driver’s side window of the vehicle, you can see him pull out a gun and point it at the driver.  The driver quickly reacted by grabbing the gun and pointing it away from him while, unbeknownst to the carjacker, unholstering his own weapon.

The man successfully discharges the weapon into the suspect who can be seen trying to get away while clearly injured.  Unfortunately for him however, the driver continues firing dropping the man in his tracks.

The driver then exits the vehicle, clears the area, and makes sure the gun is out of the, now injured—or more probably, dead—suspect’s reach.

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It seems as though the last few shots the driver made could place him behind bars as the suspect was making a clear attempt at retreat while being shot in the back.  However others argue that because the man had an accomplice who appeared to have a weapon of his own, there was still an imminent danger.

Let us know your thoughts in a comment below. Did the man get what he deserved or should the driver have allowed him to retreat?

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